"At the same time my world faded and the memories I cherished were lost... I just wanted the story of my life to run again so we could met once more"


After a mysterious accident, BETA, a wounded soldier, wakes up without memories in an unknown place, under the care of a woman called Angela.

With the help of those he finds in his journey, Beta must find a way to get back his memories, the role he plays in these new stories and the war he left behind and the find a way to go back home.


I started this one back in 2010 to the forever amazing magazine: COMCOM Compilación de cómics, published in México, In the numbers 1 to 5, being the last chapter published in COMCOM #5 in July 2011.

This comic is a really special one to me, and I always felt wrong to never give it the proper ending. That's why I'm redrawing and rewriting this one so I can publish it once more independently.

The published chapters can be found only in spanish in the facebook of BETA

They can be downloaded (in spanish too) in cbr format cbr here: Transmisión 1, Transmisión 2, Transmisión 3, Transmisión 4 (pt1, pt2