I love reading and creating comics. Here are the ones i'm currently working on. I work on this in my 'free' time so updates may be slow. So if you'd like to now when the are updated subscribe here.

Freaky-chan in Real-land

Freaky-chan has to face the greatest challenge of all: the real world.




To find salvation for someone that doesn't want it or deserves it.

Being redrawn. 

The Guide of bad advice for good kids

Listen to the tale, child. for when go through the forest it is the only thing you'll carry.

Coming Soon.

The life of the traumatized adult

The unfunny life of the average adult in the uneventful world.




It's not that we connect, it is a matter of finding someone or something that bring us to our knees.



Waking in a strange place Beta wants to find his way back home to get his memories back.

Being redrawn.


The Legend of pink and blue

Once upon a time there was a powerful witch that refused to fight and a blue knight who was in love.

Coming soon